The Ultimate Three-Sentence Guide To Photography Genres

One of the hardest parts of mastering photography is deciding which type of photography you want to master. Yes, all photographers take photos.

However, every good photographer should have one or two genres in which they are experts.  To help you decide what genre you want to pursue, here are a few quick genre explanations.


Portrait photography is a traditional genre. Portrait photographers will be found taking school, graduation, and corporate photos. Most portrait photos are closeups.


Product photographers specialize in taking appealing photos of products for marketing and advertising purposes. These photos are used online, in catalogues, and in magazines.


Wedding photographers are the photographers you see snapping photos of the bride and groom, cake, bridal party, and guests at weddings.

Wedding photography consists of anything wedding related.


Event photographers take photos of events, as their name suggests. They can be found at concerts, dances, and corporate events as well as many other locations.

Fine Art

Fine art photographers have total creative freedom. The photos they take -of any subject- are framed and sold or showcased.


Architectural photographers take photos of buildings, both inside and out. They capture the building, design, and remodeling process as well as the overall essence of a building.


Fashion photographers capture upcoming trends, photograph runway shows, and take photos of models for magazines and publications.


Pet photographers spend the work day taking photos of cute and cuddly pets and their owners/carers. They may work with animal shelters, pet stores, and individuals.


Travel photographers take photos of both the natural landscape and people that live in the given area.

Travel photographers may travel around the world with their camera, capturing vibes of different locations.


Aerial photographers are trained to take photos from above. They take photos from planes, helicopters, and hot air balloons to get fantastic photos of the world from above it.


Sports photographers capture sports shots. They can take photos of athletes and big games from the sidelines to promote, advertise, and create news stories about various sports leagues.


Wildlife photographers take photos of wild animals in their natural habitats. They can capture ocean creatures, mountain-dwelling animals, and everything in between.


Boudoir photographers enable clients to gift their loved ones with romantic, personal photos. Generally, these photos are quite revealing and sensual.


Macro photographers are known for taking photos of small things up close. For example, drops of water on a leaf or ants on the stem of a flower.


Newborn photographers photograph newborn babies. This can be done with or without other family members, and in or out of the hospital. Newborn photography blurs with family photography when other family members are in the photo.


Family photographers take warm photos of families. The goal of this niche is to accurately capture the relationship between a photo’s subjects.


Night photographers specialize in getting beautiful pictures of the world at night. From the night sky to cities lit with city lights, night photographers capture it all.


Seascape photographers photograph the sea and bodies of water. They take photos of sea dwelling creatures, aquascapes, and even go underwater with a waterproof camera to capture underwater photos.